Empowering your child to overcome anxiety with Courageous Kids App.

All kids benefit from being told what will happen, and what is expected, in advance.

Social stories are a powerful learning tool intended to provide clear exchanges of communication between parents and children. This form of storytelling describes a context, skill, achievement or idea in a clear and direct way, making it easy for children to grasp.

Social stories are an excellent tool to prepare children for upcoming events.

Explaining what will happen through use of a social story creates predictability and alleviates anxiety.

Most children will have anxiety at some point. However, the degree of anxiety and the situation that prompts it will be quite different between children. Separations are one of the commonest causes of anxiety. Starting preschool and school are major milestones – and are usually highly anticipated separations. Courageous Kids has a 5-story pack for each, to help explain what will happen, what is expected, and discuss your child’s emotions.

Courageous Kids’ stories help parents acknowledge and allow children to reflect on their emotions.

Our stories help prepare children for new or anxiety-provoking situations and help adults reflect on these events with their child.