What Experts Say

"This app is a wonderful tool to help parents support their children through new and different situations by giving then a sense of predictability and confidence."
Bianca Weickhardt
Speech Pathologist
"Stories are invaluable to help children learn about emotions and behaviours. I'm sure this app will be a revelation for many families."
Dr Eda Ruschena
D. Psych (Clinical - Child and Adolescent)
"This app provides families with a wonderful opportunity to assist their children to navigate their social world. I highly recommend it to all my families."
Julie Kelleher-Byrne
Paediatric Occupational Therapist
“More and more we educators see children become anxious when faced with unfamiliar situations. Having a Social Story style tool, that allows customisation to support an individual child, has been exceptionally useful.”
Lee Heywood Thiele
Early Childhood Educator

What Parents Say

"This app is awesome. My kids love the stories and so do I! A great way to prepare them for daily events."
Kris Coventry
“We use this app to support our son, who finds change difficult. The way it can be customised is brilliant. He truly feels the stories are written for him a. We can see the improvement in his anxiety levels that have come from using the app. Thank you.”
Kate Connell
“This app makes it so much easier and more enjoyable to explain upcoming events to my daughter.”
Kristy Challingsworth
“My very anxious girl who cried every daycare drop off skipped off to preschool."
Katrina Bradley