Social rules are often assumed, not explained.

Help your child navigate their social world with personalised stories, visual plans and games.

Our Games

Many children don’t respond well to a list of rules. And conversations about all the things your child can’t, or shouldn’t do, is unenjoyable for everyone.

It’s easy to be irritated by our children’s repeated transgressions, but our kids are unlikely to learn in the heat of the moment, whilst being shouted at.

We’ve all seen parents screaming at their misbehaving children. Often the parents’ annoyance, or even anger, seems more inappropriate than the child’s misdemeanour.

What if we could focus on, and praise, the behaviours we want, whilst also acknowledging the cheeky behaviour we would like to avoid? And what if we could predict certain behaviours in different settings and address them in advance?

Play Silly or Sensible?

Our Silly or Sensible? games teach children about the behaviours required in different settings, with warmth and humour.

In Silly or Sensible? your child is presented with a set of behavioural choices within a scenario. They are then asked to decide whether the behaviour in question is ‘silly’ or ‘sensible’ given the environment.

This allows parents and carers to praise correct choices and discuss why certain behaviours are “silly” within a specific context. Having this conversation in advance, in game form, takes the heat out of potentially tense situations. It also allows parents and children to have a laugh about “silly” choices.

When the situation then arises, children already know what is expected and can be praised for making appropriate choices.