Set them up for success.

Courageous Kids prepares children to face a multitude of social situations, and life challenges, with confidence.

Why use Courageous Kids?

Courageous Kids is an interactive app for parents to support their children as they navigate early milestones, from starting preschool to their first dental visit.

Although children are resilient, they still need age-appropriate tools to set them up for success. With mental health issues affecting even very young children, it’s never been more important for parents to have easy access to practical resources to reduce and prevent anxiety.


1 in 9 children have anxiety. It is the largest health burden in girls and second largest (after asthma) in boys. Separation anxiety is the commonest form of anxiety in children.


Anxiety is common in Autistic children, with a prevalence of 40%. Autism affects 1 in 70 children and is on the rise.


Anxiety takes a toll on the whole family, it's heartbreaking seeing your child suffer.


Anxiety directly impacts children's learning and engagement with school. Supporting children's mental health and access to early intervention is vital for positive outcomes.

What the Courageous Kids App offers

Courageous Kids offers 3 powerful and fun learning tools to prepare your child for upcoming situations, allowing them to step forth with confidence.
Personalised customisable stories. Learn more about social stories.
Visual planner with easy to “read” icons. Learn more about visual plans.
Fun games to teach social rules in different settings. Learn more about games.