Our Vision is that no child is left without the emotional support they need.

Frequently Asked Questions

The app is set to work in landscape mode only. This is because the stories and games need to fit the text on one side and the illustrations/ photos on the other, just like a regular book.

Go to ‘Stories’ then click on the ‘Create new story’ button. Select the story you want, and you can get started.

No, the stories you create are only saved on the device used. This means that no one can steal your data or images as there is no central server.

We suggest using a tablet to create all stories as they are easier to read and look better on a larger screen.

Your purchased stories are available on all your devices linked to that App Store – ie iphone and iPad or across android devices. If you have a different device on you, you will need to create the story again.

When you first download the app you will be asked to create a profile for one child and two adults.

To add additional children or adults:

  • Go to Stories, then tap ‘Profiles’ in the right in the top banner.
  • In the Profiles section, click on the ‘Create new profile’ button to add additional children or adults.

To view and edit the ‘Profiles” you have created:

  • Go to Stories, then tap ‘Profiles’ in the right in the top banner.
  • You will then see a list of your ‘profile’ children and adults
  • Touch the name or avatar of the profile character and you will be taken to the ‘Edit Profile’ page where you can edit the profile type (adult or child), gender, Name and (for children only) date of birth as well as their avatar illustriation.

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