Preparing your child for medical procedures

Whether its a visit to your doctor or dentist, or a bigger procedure, your child will have an easier time if you've helped them prepare. But how?

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Join medical doctor Kathryn Hackman, Child Life Therapist Amanda Zaffino and host Grace Larson, paediatric intensive care nurse, as we give practical strategies to empower your child and set them up for success.

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Picture of Dr Kathryn Hackman
Dr Kathryn Hackman

Dr Kathryn is the founder of Courageous Kids, a toolkit for parents of of 2-6 year olds to help prepare for change and reduce the anxiety associated with new experiences.

It was inspired by her own experiences with her 5-year-old, who had no problems riding his bike down the stairs but required extra time and assistance to prepare for new events or changes. Kinder drop offs were hard! In collaboration with a paediatric psychologist and occupational therapist, Kathryn has built the Courageous kIds app, a resource that enables parents to set their children up for success with new experiences.

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